How To Create Single Page Application in minutes!

How To Create Single Page Application in minutes!
with AngularJs 1.3 and Yii 2.0


This is a demo and a tutorial showing how to develop an application using Yii 2.0 for creating REST API and then using it from UI built with AngularJS.

Tutorial is available here.
Book is available here

Installing demo

In order to install demo clone this repository:

git clone angular1-yii2
cd angular1-yii2

Then import database angular_spa.sql.

After it's done run the following:

cd web-service
composer update --prefer-dist

Set database config in web-service\config\db.php.

Set up two hosts in your webserver. One should point to web-client, aother to web-service/web. Then set serviceBase variable in web-client\app.js to point to web-service URL.


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  • 0.1 (Alpha - 11/05/2015)
  • 0.2 (Beta - 12/05/2015)